Grab a Great Novel Study!

My students love when we have book discussions during Reading. I really like to hear about what my 5th graders are reading. During our latest discussion, the book Wish, kept being brought up as a really great read. Every student who had read it had nothing but good things to say about the book. So naturally, I got myself a copy and spent the next few evenings reading Wish. Boy, the kids were absolutely right about it being a great book!

I wanted to share this great book with other teachers and their classes AND save teachers time and effort to use this book! As a result, I created a novel study of Wish. It is filled with over 114 pages of questions and 57 Google Slides. It has so many use possibilities, too. The questions lend themselves to chapter discussions with the class. Teachers will have the questions at their fingertips and also suggested answers. There is also vocabulary by chapters and a game I use with my own class when it comes to vocabulary work.

Just click on “Wish” and check out my newest novel study! Right now it’s discounted 50% for the next 24 hours! It’s only $7 for a great novel study!! Don’t pass up a great deal!!!

Happy reading!




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