Want a Student Gift that Won’t Break Your Bank?

It seems like with the celebration of Halloween, the holidays are coming at top speed! As a beginning teacher, I often went overboard on my Christmas gift budget when it came to my students. I taught, for nearly 20 years, at a Title 1 school with many students qualifying for free lunch. I found myself spending too much money on temporary holiday items; pencils, candy, pens to name a few. The students took the gift bags home and the items were never seen at school again.

I decided I wanted to give my students gifts that could be used all year long. I created seven different coupons that students could use at school; sit by a friend, choose the music for the day and five more that can be used at school. I think it also keeps the Christmas spirit going after the holiday has passed.

The best thing of all about this Christmas Gift Book for Students is that it will not break your bank! It can be printed in either color or black and white. The student’s name is written on the front cover with the seven coupon pages behind the cover. While the clip art is seasonal, the coupons can be used at any time by your students! Be sure and check it out in my TpT store. Click the apple!


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