It’s Been A Long Time!!!

Boy, oh, boy, it Has been a long time since I’ve been on my blog. Life has a way of interrupting all the best laid plans in both teaching and life!

Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Sue Mescall and I am currently a fifth grade teacher at a local independent school. After 20 years, I retired from my public school job almost eight years ago and I regained my teaching passion when I moved to my new school.

I love sharing teaching hints and ideas with other teachers. As a result of that, I also have a Teacher pay Teacher store under the name Susan Mescall. Feel free to check out the many helpful products I have created!

After 2 years of pandemic teaching, so many of us are feeling worn out and already stressed this summer. My return to school will happen soon and I’m sure many of you are also thinking about your own school start. Let me give you a heads up on a great way to save money as we go back to school!

I hope you find all kinds of goodies that will make your Back To School days much easier!



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