A Teacher Gift Your Students Will Treasure All Year!

In years past, I have struggled with what to give my students for gifts.  I usually defaulted to candy and pencils.  Such gifts didn’t break the bank of a first year teacher, but it wasn’t really what my students wanted. However, they took the bags with a smile. Flash forward to my first year at a new school and my usual teacher gift of candy and pencils just weren’t going to do the trick as many of my students weren’t all that crazy about sweets or needed extra pencils. What to do, what to do?

Not long after Halloween and the candy and pencil fiasco, I happened to hand out homework passes to my students for having done a fabulous job of raising money for a school fundraiser.  My kids were so excited about the pass, I thought they’d PASS out!!!  The “Thank you!”‘s were still ringing in my ears as the class left for the day!  And guess what?  It only cost me a bit of time and some imagination.  No more fighting crowds to find candy, gift bags, or pencils!  Maybe it’s just me, but I REALLY don’t like braving both the weather and the crowds if I don’t have to!!!

I want to pass on my Student Coupon Gift book to you all!!  You can pick and choose which coupons you want to give out.  The coupon cover and coupons can be printed in either black and white or color.  I like printing out the black and white versions as then I have the kids color their coupons in that last week before school is out for the holidays.  Check it out!christmas-coupon-book-square-tpt-slideslide12slide19




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