Summer Listening!

I have to share my newest activity…listening to audiobooks!  Thanks to my friend, Trish, who probably won’t see this as she does not cruise the internet as I do.  She has been telling me about listening to audio books on both her computer and her MP3 player and I always poopoohed (is that how it’s spelled?) her talk.  After all, I am a book reading addict with both physical books and my Kindle.  Who wants to listen to a book instead of physically reading?  Newest answer…me,me, me!

Let me explain.  I decided to try an audiobook on my phone as I don’t have an MP3 player.  I wanted to be able to tell Trish, “I tried it and it’s not for me.”  I found the North Carolina Digital Library, set up my account, and downloaded my first book, “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter”.  I put in the ear plugs my husband bought for me, hooked them to my phone and went outside to work.  More advice from Trish,  I only put in 1 earbud, so I could still be aware of what was going on around me.  Before I knew it, I had worked in my yard for over an hour and gotten a lot more work done than I planned!  I was hooked!

I have continued my newest obsession!  I am listening to “Kill The Messenger” by Tami Hoag and as a result, my house is sparkling!  I listen when I clean house.  In fact, I look forward to cleaning and doing chores around the house, just so I can listen to my audiobook!  If you are a teacher like me, you know it can be very hard to find time for any personal reading you  might want to do.  I also don’t get too excited about doing housework on the weekends during the school year.  Audiobooks will make those chores sooooo much more enjoyable.  So good listening!  No more excused for not “reading” a good book!  lol




It’s summertime and the relaxing is easy!  Welcome to my blog AND my first post!  My name is Sue Mescall and I am a 5th grade teacher.  I just finished my 18th year of teaching…time flies when you are having fun.  And it has been fun.  I have been married to a great man for nearly 37 years and we have 3 kids.  Thanks to those kids, we have 5 grandkids who keep us on our toes.

So here we are…taking that first step in the journey together.

This week I am finishing an online class all about Web Tools.  I am learning a lot and I can’t wait to use the tools with my students.  Thanks to teaching, I have been able to keep up with technology changes.  I also depend on my students’ knowledge as they have no fear of “crashing” their work.

Also this week, I am going to start brushing up on my knowledge of the new math standards for 5th grade.  Why am I not familiar with them, you ask?  Wellllll, my grade level, has blocked for math, science, and reading for the entire 8 years I have been in 5th grade and yours truly has taught only reading and science.  We implemented the Common Core in my school last year and I was teaching ELA (the newest acronym).  It was all I could do to keep up with what I had to teach/test for ELA and since math was off my plate, it went to the back of my to list!

So here is my first request of all my readers.  Please share with all of us, your favorite math website, activity, or anything else  you use with your students.