New Year’s Is A Time For Change

I’ve never been one of those folks who sit down on Dec. 31 and make all kinds of “promises” about changes I planned to make in the coming New Year.  So why the title?  Wellll…I can explain.

As some of you may know, I have a store, Susan Mescall, at a great website,  While I may not be making any changes, I have started looking at my store products and noticing that some of my earlier products need a makeover…in other words…A CHANGE!

One of my favorites is  “Thoughts On Paper”. I created the product when several of my students told me they had no idea who Robert Louis Stevenson was! Say Whaaat?  I first read “Kidnapped” when I was in the 7th grade and I made my way through his books when I was in middle school. It really concerned me that my students had heard of the book, but had no idea about the author.  My product became a way to share a bit of biography about both well-known and lesser known people who, I felt, had had a positive influence on those around them.

Within my product, I have a variety of people and their words of wisdom.  I have included such well-known people as Oprah Winfrey, and Mohammed Ail.  I have also included lesser known people as Jaime Escalante and Marva Collins.  Imagine my dismay, when I took another look at my early product and discovered errors in grammar and the fact I no longer liked the look of my product.  So I have spent New Year’s Eve changing, and hopefully you’ll agree, improving my product.

I changed the name to “Journal Responses for Students”.  I have taken out the clip art and made the pages and font larger.  I have also enlarged the author’s picture and updated information.

My product went from the left cover to the right cover.  So I guess you can say that Change is in the air today!!!

             slide1                                                                                              slide1

You can get to my “new” and “improved” product by simply clicking on the new cover.  Take a look and let me know what you think!  Please leave me feedback if you decide to make it your own.



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